5 Smart Tricks For Promoting Your Website Successfully!

If you want your content to create ripples in the barrage of content that’s flooding the internet, you will have to spend some money. That’s the bottom line – the freebies can only go so far in getting your website marketed. And it is always a better choice to go for paid promotions because they are good for brand awareness as well content discovery.

So the next time you post a great blog and expect it to get somewhere on the internet, look towards the following tricks for promoting your website—

  • Use Google Ad Words: this is probably the most effective means of generating and getting traffic to your website in a short period of time. All you have to do is create an account, then add keywords related to your service or brand – you can add lots of these – and then set a maximum Pay-Per-Click rate of approximately $0.01. You can raise the rate later on a weekly basis till you get the desired number of clicks.

  • Try Site Specific keywords: when you sift through Ad Words, you will notice that there is an option of advertising on particular sites. Now when you get this feature, what happens is that you create customized advertisements to be displayed on targeted sites. Plus, these ads work on a cost per 1000 impressions basis rather than cost per click basis. They turn out to be slightly costlier but they do bring in much more targeted audience.

  • Use content promotion networks: say sites like Outbrain, they can spread your content on the web. You can feature your articles on prominent news sites or websites to draw in more audience. This is great way to get dedicated and loyal readership as well as to promote your brand. You can also try content retargeting — bringing them back to your website by offering them snippets of what you have to offer.

  • You can also try Text-Link ads:when you invest in some text link ads, they help generate direct traffic to your website. What’s more, it also improves your search rankings. There are specialized organizations that offer this feature.

  • Social media: social media platforms are not just free services for spreading information via word of mouth… They are also about placing very targeted advertisements for a specific demography. You can utilize StumbleUpon, you can even try Facebook and Twitter – all of these have different features to offer for the maximum effect in drawing audience.

These are the basic means of promoting your website via paid means. We have discussed another aspect of website marketing where we have discussed the benefits of SEO. Armed with this info, you should find it a lot easier to get traffic to your website and make money.

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