7 Must-Haves For Turnkey Dropship Websites

Are you new to turnkey dropship websites? Or are you reasonably knowledgeable and are looking for some extra information before you get started? Either way, we’ve got the basic information that may help you to make the right choice.

Let’s start with…

Turnkey Dropship Websites

What is it?

Turnkey dropship websites are ready-made websites that you just upload to your server and you have your site running. You actually buy it like that – completely set up with images, preset content, design etc. These are usually used for ecommerce. And therefore they come all set with product listings from which you could be making a profit. Now that brings us to the next concern – dropship websites.

Turnkey ecommerce sites can be of two types – affiliate, where you just change the redirect links with your affiliate link, and turnkey dropship websites where you sell products from a merchant but through your website.
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Affiliates have been dealt with elsewhere, but today we are on the discussion of dropships. So you have a seller and stockiest that is actually going to pack and ship the product. What you do with your website is add some value (create bundles, give extra information etc.) and in return you get the option of setting your own price. The excess is what you get when someone buys the product from your website. When you buy a turnkey of the sort, as you may know, it comes with a preset price along with the product listing, along with automatic updates. But you get to change this price. And when someone buys, the order information is sent to the wholesaler you are linked to. From there on, they take on all the responsibility. So you get the site delivered to you – with all the set up and the frill… but…

Let’s look a little deeper

You can create your bundles, set your prices and do all of that in a jiffy. And you can tell just how quick you’d have all that set up. But just because a site is there doesn’t mean you will get customers.

Your site will need to have a few more attributes and you will need to have a robust promotional strategy in place.

Turnkey Dropship Websites

turnkey dropship websites Photo Credit: Anil Wadghule via Compfight cc
And when choosing a dropship turnkey website, here are a few features you should look out for…

  1. A website that comes with the shopping cart and payment options ready and integrated.
  2. Ideally, they should be able to provide you with the domain name you want.
  3. You should also be able to customize the look and feel of the website with minimum trouble.
  4. Often, good dropship turnkey websites come with a ready inventory and updating feature, so you needn’t keep track of and maintain Excel files, XML files, out of stock files, CSV files, Zip files, and product images. The website comes with all the features built in.
  5. Also, check out their buying procedure – it should be transparent and allow for a single click buying option as well as a reliable order tracking feature.
  6. The shopping cart options are another thing to check out at the start – whether it is customer friendly and offers as many varied options as possible – so that there is something for everybody.
  7. And as is true with all turnkey sites – look for uniqueness. The more generic it is, the less the chances of it attracting customers as well as of making it past Google’s Panda and Penguin updates.

When you get a website that checks off all these boxes, you actually find it easier

  • To market it
  • To modify it
  • To get Google to index it
  • To get more people to like the website and trust in it to buy from it

On a concluding note, when you keep the basics in mind, a turnkey dropship website can be the perfect start to your ecommerce dreams. However, this isn’t exactly a pay-once-make-a-huge–profit deal. It’s just the start, and you will also have to put in a lot of hard work into making your venture work. So be aware of all the aspects and then make an informed decision!

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