How To Go About Choosing A Domain Name?

Choosing a domain name is an important part of setting up a new website. You can wow your audience with good content and marvelous design…but how will that help if the person cannot come back a second time…simply because they don’t remember the name of your website!

And so we say that you give as much attention to choosing the name of your site as anything else when dealing with setting up a new website. Plus, to help you get the correct and most effective name for your website, we give you a few beneficial tips – the ones that can help you out so long as you follow them to the letter.

So here are…

The ultimate tips for choosing an effective name for your website!

  1. The first tip is to get a fair idea of what a domain name does, and why is it important. You can look up the detail right here.

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  2.  Then, keep a few names in mind and pick the one that is easiest. Don’t try pun words or even wordplay because not everyone will remember it. And then you could lose millions in business just because people won’t remember your website name!
  3. Choose something that is unique – go for the names that match your brand and yet are easy to remember. If you are able to associate the brand name with the website name, then users will find it easier to remember the names. The importance of domain name and site association can never be undermined, especially if you’re in ecommerce.
  4. Also, try for names that are unique – if you have competition with a similarly named website, then chances are that you are going to lose customers to them. And don’t choose names that can be misspelled – you’d be surprised to know the number of customers and people who do that. If you have a name that can be easily misspelled then there’s a chance that your prospective customer will be taken to another site. Following that the customer will simply give up trying to come back to your site.

    Photo Credit: Patrick Haney via Compfight cc

    Photo Credit: Patrick Haney via Compfight cc

  5.  When choosing names think about what will catch your customers’ attention – it doesn’t matter whether you like your website’s name, the question is whether your customers like it or not. Plus it is a good idea to skip any hash, acronyms, dashes etc. in the name because not everyone will remember these.
  6. You can also incorporate the service you offer instead of your brand in the website’s name. That might help customers to remember your website name whenever they need the service you offer.
  7. You can even use hyphens as part of the name and the basic advantage with this is that hyphens allow you to separate multiple words in the name and this obliterates the chance of misspelling names. But then hyphens can also make the name longer and that way the customer might just forget the name.
  8. Lastly, you can choose in between .com, .in and .net domain names, with .com taking the cake. That will of course depend on what is available.

So long as you keep these tips at the back of your mind while choosing a domain name, you won’t go wrong. In fact, keeping these things in mind ensures you can actually pick a name that is just right!

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