Turnkey Affiliate Websites: The Basics Of It

Do you want to set up an affiliate website that you can earn from in literally a jiffy? With turnkey affiliate websites you can!

Now, you may or may not know what these are all about – and to help you out, we brought the basics for you here:

What is a turnkey style affiliate website?

A turnkey website is a completed website – full with content, images, script, design and affiliate programs – that is functional and operational when you get it. All you have to do is make small modifications so that the content is unique. But it totally bypasses the need to develop a new website ground up for ecommerce – you only need to edit and modify. They will already have the entire infrastructure your website needs to sell your affiliate product. Now moving on to…

How do they help you?

Well, there are a number of ways in which they are a big help:

  • They take much less time and effort than developing a new website completely – because everything is already done.
  • They usually cost a lot less than setting up your own website.
  • Instead of you going through a lot of trial and error in setting up your own website, here you get a tried and tested setup that you can easily modify.
  • For those people wanting to focus on a marketing strategy, they can just get the website readymade and set up, leaving them all their time and energy to devote to marketing and promotion.
The bottom line is that turnkey affiliate websites are actually a great way to save yourself a lot of time and money as well – and get started with your endeavor quick. However, there is a little catch here – there are no easy money making schemes – success comes only with hard work and with vision. And when it comes to these readymade affiliate websites, that translates into two things:

  1. Focusing all your energy and putting in a good effort into the marketing.
  2. Getting the right turnkey sites that will allow you to do your best.
And to that end…

What to keep in mind when buying turnkey sites?

The latest Google updates – Panda and Penguin – are geared towards keeping all copied content firmly out of Google. That means that all substandard turnkey sites usually do not get indexed. And as you know, no indexing is another way of saying no business.

So when setting up an ecommerce affiliate website – you need to ensure Google indexes your website. And the best way to do that is by selecting such turnkey websites which can be made unique with the minimum modifications. And for that, here are a few tips:

  • Don’t buy from a vendor who sells hundreds of copies of the same website – the framework being identical; you’ll have to work much harder to make your website unique.

  • Don’t buy turnkey websites in bulk –they are websites that have already been sold to far too many people already.

  • Don’t buy from a vendor who doesn’t allow you to test and try out before buying.

  • Do look for a seller who will offer you support – a support team that you can contact any time and as many times as you want will ensure that you can get all the help you need.
When you keep to these guidelines, you can get a turnkey website that you can make unique with the least effort – and instead you can get on with marketing your affiliate product and increasing your profits. But mind you, you can easily get turnkey affiliate websites, but you need to work hard to get your marketing strategy just right – it may be a quick solution, but not all the way.

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